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Life Insurance

Our clients are guided to select from a plethora of life insurance policies, such as:

Whole Life
Who wouldn’t want to protect their family in case of an eventuality? With Whole Life, you can do just that! This is a Permanent life insurance policy, wherein the insured person has coverage over their entire lifetime as long as premiums are paid on time. What this means for you is that you can rest assured knowing that your loved ones are taken care of should something happen to you. Plus, with Whole Life, you’re getting incredible benefits like higher payouts in the event of a death, no surrender charges, and much more. Ready to take the plunge and become fully protected? Apply now!

Indexed Universal Life (IULs)
If you’re looking for a way to protect your loved ones in the event of your death, an IUL is the perfect insurance solution for you. Our whole life insurance plans come with a death benefit that pays out a lump sum, payable upon your death. In addition, our cash account can be used to pay policy premiums or take withdrawals and loans – so that you can maintain financial stability in the event of your unexpected death. Speak to our agents today to find the right whole life insurance plan for you and your loved ones.

Final Expense
No matter how prepared you think you are for a death in the family, there’s always something that can go wrong. That’s why having whole life insurance is essential. It covers your loved ones financially in the event of your death, no matter what. With Final Expense, you can choose a policy that meets your specific needs, and peace of mind is assured. You’ll have access to a wide range of benefits, such as income replacement and accidental death coverage, so that your family can take care of everything while you’re still alive. Ready to make a final expense plan? Get in touch with us today!

Term Life
If you’re ever in a situation where you may need life insurance, Term Life is the perfect policy for you. With a contract that’s usually expressed in years, you can be rest assured that your family will be taken care of should something happen to you. Plus, with death benefits available as long as your policy has a few years left on it, you can be sure that your loved ones will be comfortable financially.

Living Benefits
You’re not just paying for the protection of your health – you’re also investing in your future. That’s why Living Benefits is here to help make the most of every moment. With our insurance, you can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that you and your loved ones are taken care of. Whether you’re looking to cover hospital expenses, prescription drugs, or anything else, we have a policy that fits your needs and budget. Talk to us today and start living the life you’ve always wanted!

Funeral Plans

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Health Insurance

We can find you the best dental plans with co-pays and coinsurance in addition to fixed indemnity plans which place no restrictions on providers, no co-pays, and no deductibles. Moreover, you will not be required to wait for long periods for basic services in the policies you opt for. With the help of the right policy, thousands of dentists from all over the country can be chosen at your discretion.

A lifestyle is incomplete without good vision. That’s why we make it our mission to find you the perfect insurance plans that will help you stay healthy and look great. Our team of experts scours the market for the best deals on insurance plans that are tailored for your needs and preferences. We also offer a wide range of corrective procedures such as LASIK, so you can enjoy clear vision without ever having to go through the hassle of a surgery.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) – Marketplace Health Coverage
Looking for affordable and accessible healthcare? Look no further than ACA, the official website of the Affordable Care Act. Here, you’ll find information on the key provisions of the Affordable Care Act, as well as links to helpful resources. You can also sign up for notifications about upcoming events and updates related to the Affordable Care Act. In addition, you can shop for health insurance plans that comply with the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Finally, be sure to check our blog for helpful tips and advice on all things healthcare-related.

Short Term Medical Plans
Are you looking for an affordable and convenient way to cover an illness or injury? Short Term Medical Plans are the perfect solution for you, normally 30 – 90 day coverage! These plans provide coverage for unexpected illness or injury, emergency room visits, discounts for using doctors and facilities within a preferred network, and more. You can choose from a variety of plans that offer different levels of benefits and coverage. If you’re ready to take control of your health and protect yourself in case of an emergency, check out our website today!


That’s why we’re here. As your trusted resource for all things Medicare, we’ll walk you through the entire process, from choosing a plan to filling out the paperwork. We’ll also answer any questions you have. And if there’s anything we can do to help make the process easier, just let us know.

Are you feeling financially secure yet? If not, Medicare might be the answer! This federal health insurance program provides comprehensive coverage for people who are 65 or older, younger people with qualified disabilities, and people with End-Stage Renal Disease. With Medicare, you can rest assured knowing that you and your loved ones are taken care of. Plus, it’s one less thing to worry about on your plate – so go ahead and enjoy your retirement!

Part A
If you are eligible for Medicare, you may be able to choose a Medicare Advantage Plan. A Medicare Advantage Plan is a health plan provided by privates companies that contract with Medicare to cover all your healthcare benefits and prescription drug coverage. These plans are different from Original Medicare because they are not paid for by the original Medicare. When you select a Medicare Advantage Plan, it pays for most of the costs of your healthcare insurance, so you only have to pay for the services that are not covered by the plan.

Medical Supplemental Plans
Looking for affordable health insurance coverage? Look no further than Medicare Supplement Plans! These insurance policies supplement your health care costs that Medicare doesn’t cover, including out-of-pocket expenses such as co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles. Plus, with Medicare Supplement Plans, you can be sure that you have the most comprehensive, affordable coverage available.

Notary Public

Making legal and official documents a breeze has never been easier than with Notary Public services. Providing fast, accurate, and reliable document execution and signatures, we’re here to help you with every step of the way. We understand how crucial it is to have trusted professionals by your side, so we offer 24/7 customer service and free consultation for all your Document Needs. Let us take care of the rest – you focus on what’s important!

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is critical in these uncertain times. Whether you are developing a retirement plan for yourself or choosing a retirement plan to offer to your employees, we can help you evaluate the available options. Our focus is on helping you to make the choice that is most appropriate for you, taking into account your unique circumstances and goals. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that meets your specific needs and expectations, while keeping your costs as low as possible. Let us help you take the first steps on the path to a secure retirement!

Tax Preparation & Planning

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the paperwork and complex tax laws? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! At our tax preparation and planning firm, we have decades of experience helping people reduce their tax bill. From evaluating your current tax situation to planning for future tax changes, we’ll work with you to create a plan that will save you money and help you stay on track. Contact us today to get started!

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