Our Notary Services are top-notched…

As more and more of our life is lived online, it’s important to have an option for when things go wrong. We’ve compiled a list of services that provide notarization options. Notarization is the process by which a person (a notary public) confirms or certifies a document (for example, birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree).

We notarize documents by:

  1. Noting the signature or initials of the person who has signed,
  2. Entering the date,
  3. Marking it as a copy of the original,
  4. Giving a document number, and
  5. Attaching our stamp.

We sign and witness documents. We notarize contracts. We send official letters. We notarize our signatures. And when we take a photo of ourselves, it’s a self-notarization .

We make it easy for you to notarize documents and make your life easier. It’s quick, safe and convenient.
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