I know You Are Good, Let Us Make You Better

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Your favorite recliner… That old hoodie that you will never get rid of… Those dirty old sneakers or work boots that only you love. Imagine, for a moment, that you were no longer here to sit in your favorite spot, or pull on that hoodie, or wear those old shoes.

Who would pay the bills that will be there when you pass away?

Would your loved ones be able to bear those expenses?

Would they have to dip into their savings or create a GoFundMe?

Would they have to struggle financially or go without for months, or perhaps even years after you have gone… just to pay these bills off?

Would you want them to? 

Life Insurance is a topic that often sits in the back of everyone’s mind and sometimes comes up and the interest to inquire about it arises. But let me ask you a question…

“Are you satisfied with what you have done about it?”

Did you know that there is a positive solution that you can do RIGHT NOW to make sure that the burden isn’t so heavy after you have gone?

You have done your part to take care of your family over the years… and they certainly appreciate it. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t continue to appreciate you and remember that you have set them up in a positive way.

If you were to die tomorrow, there could be many bills:

      • Doctor bills
      • Hospital Expenses
      • Funeral Services
      • Burial lot and headstone
      • Unpaid taxes
      • Not to mention the loss of your income for the household expenses

The list can go on and on…

Wouldn’t it be comforting to your family if you had made arrangements in advance to help take care of these expenses?

And what if I told you that not only can you provide for your family after you leave this earth but you can also invest in retirement savings for yourself — money that you can use while you are living?

With our Indexed products, you can have Tax-Advantaged income to supplement any social security income that you may receive. Money that grows with the “up-swing of the market without the market risks” that you can use however you desire.

And if you happen to get sick along the way, our products include Living Benefits that allows you to accelerate up to 90%, in some cases, of the face value of your policy to help cover any medical expenses or to buy your dream boat!

Sounds too good to be true?
No… It’s so good that it’s true!
Life insurance has evolved!

You can now purchase policies that offer many different features to benefit you and your family’s needs — AT AN AFFORDABLE RATE! Everything is customizable to your budget.

You DO know the value of Life Insurance.

You ARE interested in your family’s welfare.

So… let me ask you again… are you satisfied that you have done enough? If not, that’s ok! I am here to help you!

      • Let me help you with a way for you to spare your family some of the tears, heartache, and sorrow that your death would cause.
      • Let me help you grow your money for retirement so that you never have to depend on social security.
      • Let me help you set up a policy that would eliminate the financial fears associated with being diagnosed with a terminal, critical, or chronic illness.

There’s no such thing as a second chance after you are gone. What you do for your family must be done now — not tomorrow, not next week, not next year — BUT TODAY!  So, contact us here at Harris Financial Services to set an appointment to receive a no-cost, no-obligation needs analysis or policy review. You will be glad that you did!

With Love,

Financial Consultant

P.S.     Did you know that insurance provided by your employer may not take care of your needs at the time of death? In some cases, their insurance company could take up to a year or more to release any funds. And what happens if you leave that job… you no longer have insurance coverage. Let’s not leave the welfare of your family to chance. Call Now!

P.P.S. Check out Amie’s Story to learn more about Living Benefits – the insurance you don’t have to die to use!